Who we are

Shining a light on the smartest choices in healthcare and life sciences.

We are the strategic competitive intelligence division of Cambridge Healthcare Research.

There is a lot you already know. We’re here to find the insights that you don’t.

By illuminating your blindspots, we uncover the hardest-to-reach insights, giving you the advantage in an ever-changing world – because when you can see the road ahead, you can compete with confidence.

What we do

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How Solici came to light

After substantial growth and expansion at Cambridge Healthcare Research, Solici has been brought to light to focus exclusively on competitive intelligence and strategy. Shining a light on the smartest choices in healthcare, Solici is united by Cambridge Healthcare Research’s vision to give decision makers the power of knowing.

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Who we are

Get to know the Solici team and find out more about the people that can bring opportunity to light for your organisation.

More than commercial intelligence

Building on Cambridge Healthcare Research’s ‘The Power of Knowing’ philosophy, our shared aim is to help the brightest ideas reach patients – but our contributions to society go further than that. CHR For Society is our shared commitment to make a positive social impact and promotes a collective responsibility across all aspects of our organisation.

We developed CHR for Society to enable our team to empower themselves and contribute to society. The initiative works in four key areas which we believe drive society forward to be a better place for all: Health, Education, Environment and Equality.

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Rakshindh Sekhon, Senior Consultant


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Bringing opportunity to light for our clients starts with our team. We help our people shine a light on the smartest choices in healthcare, in healthcare within environments that best suit them. Build your career in strategic competitive intelligence with Solici.


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