What we do

Uncovering crucial commercial intelligence to shape the smartest choices for your organisation.

Take your organisation further and make the biggest impact in healthcare and life science sectors with Solici, the trusted and agile partner with unrivalled understanding.

Gain the upper hand

Whether we’re analysing every industry angle on your behalf or asking challenging questions to gain a greater awareness of your commercial context, we’re experts at uncovering the hard-to-reach insights that others overlook. Armed with unrivalled understanding, we’ll give you the power that comes from having informed decisions that let you gain the upper hand.

Entrust an extension of your team

We’re proud to be a trusted and agile partner to all of our clients and we’ll get to know your organisation from the inside out. As an extension of your expertise, our approachable and experienced talent will not only navigate you from ‘so what’ to ‘now what’, but make the journey enjoyable for all – enabling you to rely on a team who’ll illuminate the insights you didn’t see before.

Insights that take you further

We go far beyond providing you with the same old ‘so what’ industry intelligence. Our commitment to seeking out unrivalled insights means that everything we offer is considered, so that you can use the most pertinent takeaways to cement your strategy and inspire your next move, and then cascade them throughout your organisation to achieve the biggest possible impact.

Partnering & Process

We put the business needs of healthcare and life science decision makers at the heart of what we do.

Partnering with a range of pharmaceutical and biotech organisations, Solici works directly with the following departments and teams.

How we work

  • Competitive Intelligence Managers
  • Business Insights
  • Marketing
  • Forecasting
  • Market Research
  • Business Development
  • Brand
  • Portfolio Leads
  • Market Access
  • Pricing and Reimbursement
  • Medical
  • Research & Development
  • Commercial
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing
  • Lifecycle Management

Solici services

Shine a light on and shape the smartest choices in healthcare with our key services.

to light.

Case studies

Solici in action

If you want to know more about our understanding of the healthcare and life sciences landscape, get in touch with us.

Role-playing three key competitors to support brand planning in rare disease indications

Supporting the launch preparation of lead assets

Market insights for the launch of a new hematology product in the US, EU and Japan

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If you want to know more about our understanding of the healthcare and life sciences landscape, get in touch with us.