Pro-active ongoing research to remain ahead of catalyst events and competitor activity.

The average Solici monitoring project involves 16 companies with over 250 sources interviewed over a 12 month period.

During monitoring engagements, we provide you with continuous and detailed insight into competitor activity and on your competitive environment. We use primary research, competitive intelligence and contextual analysis to inform your on-going strategic direction and activities, mapping key competitor presence and validating their strategies, actions and timelines as well as their product positioning and stakeholder outreach activities.

We relay these insights in the context of your market, therapeutic and treatment settings. Our consultants are highly experienced therapeutic area experts, adept in primary research and at shaping learnings into impactful analysis. We do not just report the facts but cut straight to the ‘so what’, elevating the implication and impact, based on our commercial and consulting experience.

In addition to providing a detailed understanding of the competitor landscape, competitor intent, capabilities and commercialisation activities, monitoring projects also provide tracking and impact reporting of catalyst and unscheduled market events.

Over the course of a Monitoring project, we will utilise a range of methodologies, including:

Secondary monitoring and on-going tracking of competitive commercial and clinical activity, regulatory, and key event catalysts

Primary research by engaging with industry stakeholders including ‘hidden from view’ company sources to discover competitive insight including commercialisation strategies

Alerts and email notifications of key events and implications to your team.

Conference coverage in monitoring projects typically include between two to four conferences, where we conduct deep primary research with targeted stakeholders, including key opinion leaders, company sources and attending prescribers.

Strategic workshops are often add-ons requested by our clients.  This involves scenario or competitor simulation events throughout the year, to support brand planning and to optimise development strategies.

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