Deep Dives

A targeted understanding of key questions about your competitive market environment.

Over 500 hours spent researching a typical project, with over 8,500 diagnostic and medical devices profiled.

By using our team of market insight and therapeutic area experts, Deep Dives provide you with clear implications based on competitive intelligence, our analysis and experience spans  treatment and disease settings. Our recommendations are founded in the context of the competitive landscape, the therapeutic market and the evolving treatment paradigm, informing key portfolio decisions with evidence.

Our Deep Dives give brand and portfolio teams the confidence to take major decisions, update their strategic direction and inform on-going commercialisation or portfolio planning activities.

We use a robust approach to collecting, validating and analysing insights and intelligence on target markets, competitors, and customer segments. Initial hypotheses are developed through efficient and effective secondary research and tested using primary research with targeted stakeholders and relevant sources.

In addition to primary research, we may use a range of different approaches from the strategy consulting tool-set to develop the right implications and actionable recommendations:

Profiling competitors and the competitive landscape and identifying areas for further investigation.

Threat analysis to consolidate a player’s position, intent and capabilities in a market to predict their response.

Therapeutic area landscaping to identify drivers, barriers and critical success factors for a product in a market or treatment setting.

Product benchmarking to provide a detailed assessment of a client’s product positioning versus competitors in one or several areas such as TPP, positioning, messaging, value proposition, awareness, SoV, advocacy or access amongst others.

Due diligence frameworking to assess the opportunity and/or barriers ‘to play’ in a space, enter a new market /market segments or in launching a product.

Reporting with updated competitor landscapes, catalysts, timelines, and recent activity. Our reporting is conducted monthly or quarterly, depending on business needs.

Future-proofing strategy through evaluation of market dynamics and the evolving regulatory, payer and prescriber environments to protect and inform product positioning or development.

that take you further.

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Understanding requirements for label inclusion of home administration in Europe and the US

Evaluating current lab practices for a specific diagnostic assay in key geographies

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