Conference Coverage

Deep insights and impactful reporting following medical and commercial conferences.

On average, our consultants conduct 40 interviews across 8 sessions per day at each conference.

Medical conferences are the main arena where new data, product positioning and messaging are unveiled. At these events we help you gather deep insights by capturing data read-outs. This supports your place in the competitive environment and provides the most relevant intelligence, whether you’re attending the event in person or not.

We deliver objective coverage to validate competitor strategies, product positioning and stakeholder outreach activities. We relay these insights in the context of your market and therapeutic area developments.

Our consultants are highly experienced therapeutic area experts adept at in person primary research. They shape learnings into impactful analysis through a high-level understanding of evolving market dynamics, trends, unmet need and opinions on data read-outs.

We support clients in the run up to a conference, mapping key competitor presence and outlining relevant abstracts, collated in an easy-to-use conference planner and pre-conference report. We do not just report the facts, but cut straight to the ‘so what’ implications for our clients. At a conference, we are the eyes and ears of our clients through:

Primary research with key industry stakeholders (KOLs), including ‘hidden from view’ company sources to uncover competitive insights including commercial strategies.

Session attendance such as industry symposia, oral and poster sessions gauging competitor positioning and messaging platforms

Daily email updates providing a summary at the end of each day sharing real time insights and providing a topline overview of sessions and competitor messaging.

Conference coverage can be commissioned as a standalone project or is frequently included as part of a monitoring project.

Reporting consisting of topline reports with quick turnarounds to summarise the key takeaways and intelligence from the conference, and a final report featuring additional details with a knowledge repository.

Social listening means no insight slips through the net, hearing key trends from people in the industry. Our congress summary videos capture those insights and wrap up the key conference findings in a way that can be easily shared with your business teams.

that take you further.

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Market insights for the launch of a new hematology product in the US, EU and Japan

Competitor and KOL insights to support the launch of a new neurodegenerative disease product

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