We’re thrilled to be attending PharmaCI USA this year, and hosting a session on why CI companies must innovate and differentiate to remain the foundation for decision making. If you’re attending we’d love to connect with you.

To find out more about our session, please read the abstract below.

In an ever-changing Pharma world that becomes more reliant on technology to shorten development times, optimize clinical trial delivery, and utilize multi-channel engagement, CI remains the foundation for decision making.

However, CI companies need to keep pace with client cost pressures, the monitoring of complex TAs, and the challenges of achieving robust primary intelligence. To achieve this, they must continue to innovate and differentiate themselves, going beyond delivering competitive insights, by creating value across the product lifecycle through the delivery of science-driven strategic projects.

In this talk, Cambridge Healthcare Research Founder Edward Cartwright, and Peter Donachie of Solici, the strategic competitive intelligence division of Cambridge Healthcare Research, provide some guidance and perspectives.

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