How we work

There is a lot you already know. We’re here to find the insights that you don’t.

Our evidence-based recommendations are built on robust and transparent analysis. We bring opportunity to light for our clients by delivering individual projects, ongoing support and strategic partnership.

Who we partner with

From the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies to biotechs and NGOs, we uncover the hardest-to-reach insights to give our partners the advantage in an ever-changing world.

We work with many different teams, ranging from competitive intelligence, and business insights and forecasting, through to R&D, corporate strategy and regulatory affairs, as well as marketing, brand and commercial departments.

Phases of work

Illuminating blindspots for your business.

Solici helps healthcare and life science organisations through the phases of Discovery, Early Development, Late Development, Commercialisation and Life Cycle Management.


Prioritising your portfolio assets to shape the smartest choices in healthcare.

  • Deep dives to support in/out licensing
  • Exploring partners and M&A potential
  • Assessing market opportunities to develop a business case
  • Benchmarking best practice such as innovation management, digital health, trends in gene therapy and more

Early Development

For clients in pre-clinical development or phase 1 of new drug development.

  • Understanding evolving general markets or specific therapeutic areas
  • Identifying market opportunities such as unmet need analyses
  • Clinical trial design to inform late stage clinical trial incorporation
  • Target product profiles – understanding drug positioning, value proposition and messaging

Late Development

Enabling competitor activities analysis, trends in market activity and evolving therapeutic area developments. 

  • Providing regular and timely updates through active market monitoring – analysis of competitor and market activity
  • Potential to add on, or independently commission, deeper analysis into a competitor modality or areas not in the original scope of the monitoring
  • Commissioning scenario/competitor simulation and action planning, crucial for Phase 3 market entry


Enabling clients to grow and protect their market share.

  • Identifying actions that can be made to respond to additional competition when coming to market, changing treatment evolution or the patient journey
  • Keeping track of competition, market shaping activities, and changes in treatment paradigm
  • Coupled with Lifecycle Management, our planning enables clients to expand their indication or extend patent exclusivity

Lifecycle Management

Gaining insights to take clients further, across the entire lifecycle offering.

  • Illuminating blindspots for life science projects, especially within generics or biosimilar domains
  • Supporting the management of product lifecycles
  • Understanding the real impact products make within the industry

Contact us

Reach out to us if you’d like to partner with us, want to join our team or would like a conversation about how we shape the smartest choices in healthcare.